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Prestige PCJ 5.0 300-Watt Juicer Rs.1428 From

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About Product:-

  • Juicer
  • 300 W Power Consumption
  • Large Capacity
  • Wide Mouth
  • Large Pulp Collector
  • Advanced Stainless Steel Sieve Desig
  • Thermal Over-load Protector

Amazon offers you Prestige PCJ 5.0 300-Watt Juicer at a discounted price of Rs.1428 only. You can also get model PCJ 6.0 300-Watt  Juicer  with a little difference in price. This juicer ensures that fruits and vegetables are squeezed and not chopped to extract the juice. This makes sure that the juice remains tasty and consistent. The juicer also does not separate the water and pulp, allowing for purer juice. Moreover, the juicer is designed to be durable enough to withstand everyday use and comes with an induction motor that does not make any noise. This is one of the lowest online price that we've found. Shop now before the deal expires. Offer limited.