How It works:

We do your warm welcome at and are ready to serve you the best platform to play and win products at your wished price. Do not miss this supreme opportunity. Keep eyes on the and follow given specified course of actions. Stay with us to win products at “Your Wish, Your Price”.


Log in or Register to Your MyTokri account.

A very simple way to begin the winning procedure. You just need to open and Log in or Sign up to have your Mytokri account.


Explore all available products.

We are having latest and trending products live every day. All you have to do explore products first and place your coins on the products which you adore.



Click on the product and start using your coins. The rate will increase by .01 every time when it will be clicked and the timer will get reset. Suppose you have used your coin at the price 0.29 paisa so the product rate will be 0.30 paisa and timer will get reset (Start again from 0 minute).

Start Bidding

Winning the Product

The participants with the highest bids at the close of the auction are obligated to buy the items. There are two parameters for deciding the winner.

a) When the timer is going to complete and the last person used their coin OR

b) When someone’s last coin remains then they have to wait for the completion of the remaining timer timings.

Winning the Product

Payment Options

Whenever you win any product. You just need to go on “CLAIM GIFT” tag and fill all the requisite details and proceed to pay.

Pay the Bid Price & Get your product shipped
BidBoss :-
We are here with the best ever tool used to make sure your winning. We understand your desire to win the products at the lowest price.Start Using this “Bid Boss” in the process of bidding and make sure you don’t lose ever. Appoint bid boss as the proxy on your behalf.

How Bid Boss Works

  • Open any product page you want to use your coin and win.
  • You will see “Book Bid Boss” option, enter coins you want to book as bidding boss and “Book”.
  • Let the bid boss works for you in every last second to make sure only you are winning.

Terms To Play

  • You can cancel your appointed Bid Boss anytime.
  • Once you enter the coins for booking Bid Boss, that number of coins will get deducted from your account and once you cancel the Bid Boss, the remaining coins will get credited into your coin amount.
  • The coins placed from Bid Boss cannot be cancelled. They will be calculated as follow, For Example: You have 100 coins, You book a bid boss of 50 coins, The coins will get deducted from your account and you will have the balance in your bid account 50 coins, If bid boss has spend 20 coins and you cancel bid boss the remaining 30 will get credited into your account. So, your account balance will be 80 coins.
  • The Bid Boss will place your coins in the last seconds
  • Once you booked Bid Boss, it can be modified to increase and decrease coins.
  • You can book bid boss only for available coins not higher than those.
  • You can also do manual coins even if you have booked bid boss.
  • Bid Boss can place coins on optimization basis. For example: 10 people placed bid boss, so the bid boss will count from first person to last person basis accordingly in last seconds of auctions.
  • Anything that is harming other users interest will be banned immediately.
  • No fraudulent entries accepted.
  • For any confliction, MyTokri Management decision will be final and agreed by all.

Terms and conditions :-

When a coin price on a particular product reaches to the INR 20 then no new manual bidders or new bid boss by the first time coin placing user will be accepted. Those users who are placing coins from the time before it reaches at 20 Rs. can only continue placing coins. No new user can be able to place any manual coins or book any bid boss in the case.
However number of coins in existing bid boss can be upgrade or decrease by the user. This policy will secure the interest for the users who have spent their maximum efforts for winning the product.
For Example: If the product's actual price is 1000 rs. and it reaches to Rs. 20 . Now no new bidder can place manual coins or can book any new bid boss. Only those extsting bid boss or users playing can place coins manually. However number of coins can be changed in the existing bid boss and old existing users can book any new bid boss.
No fraudulent entries will be entertained.
For any confliction MyTokri team decision is final and agreed by all.
If the 5 seconds has been passed and no one make the bid then the 1st bidder will take the product.
if user wins on any product he has to pay us the bid price through paytm. For example,the product worth is 1000 rs. and the bid price is rs. 200 then you have to pay us rs. 200 via razorpay and your product will be order the same day.
One user can win "Unlimited" products within 24 hours. Mytokri presents this to make our user win more. 

User Badges on Winning :-
Bid Winner 
Product Winner

The one who won the product will be tagged as the product winner.


Bid Buyer 
Coin Buyer

The One who has bought coins and placing those purchased coins.


New Bidder

The One who has just started bidding of that product.



Username Guidelines :-

We really appreciate your efforts to be the part of our community and we feel overwhelmed for that. There are some good to follow guidelines applicable on every user of this forum while selecting their forum name. Please read on the below points and make sure you don’t violate the same:
1. Any username that contain any kind of abusive word that can hurt the feeling of another user or doesn’t justify the moral ethics and dignity will not be allowed.
2. Any username that put question mark on the dignity of subject matter and any activity of this forum or the website will not be allowed.
3. Any username which the moderator of this forum thinks that is not in the favor of moral ethics will not be allowed.
In case any user has violated the same policies and select a username that is violating the above terms, his or her account will be banned immediately without notifying the user any reason for the same.
All the activities performing here are for your benefits and we hope you to support us to provide the best services.


Duplicate Account Policy :-

It is important to make yourself know the MyTokri’s duplicate account using policy. You'll have a safe and fun forum or bidding experience only after knowing that your account complies with our forum standards and guidelines.

What is a duplicate account?

A Duplicate account occurs when a user makes and uses multiple accounts. This is not permissible to make multiple accounts as our other users may suffer the loss from your this activity. We support only one account one person.

Duplicate listing policy

Users may not concurrently have more than one account at one time. If a user chooses to create account more than one, we will take immediate action on this activity.

How does the policy get violated?

If a user make another duplicate account for a purpose of winning a product by monopolize that product (especially in bidding game) or using those accounts for the purpose of multiple earnings.(Coins earning by making thread initiated by us)

Violations of this policy may result in one or more actions, including:
  • Account cancellation
  • Limits on account privileges
  • Account suspension
Why does MyTokri have this policy?
MyTokri community should be a level playing field for all members. The number of account allowed per user is set at 1 so that no user can dominate the one particular activity over others thus making it more difficult for other users to have a fair chance to perform forum activity.

What is increment coin :-

We are here with "Increment Coin" element for your winning.
Price of the product will increase with multiple counts like 5, 10, 15 paisa.
The above mentioned counts will be pre decided and the player will get faster results.
FAQ's :-
1. What is this Coin and win about?
Coin and win is a long term giveaway for every user willing to wish and earn the products online. We are here to provide you plenty of products in the price that you can never even imagine.
2. How to play this game?
To play this you only need to follow three steps i.e. enter in the contest from here, start bidding and win the product. Make sure you keep bidding when the products are live. The last bidder when the timer gets off will be the winner of that coin on product. Once you win you need to pay the coin price and just grab the product.
3. Why I should play this activity?
Everyone loves free products or the products at unbelievable price. If you are someone who always wish to have certain products but couldn't buy them due to some budget issue. We are making it Your Wish Your Price. Grab anything you want in the price you are ready to pay.

4. When the product will be live and get end?
The Product can get live any time. However we will inform you prior of that product is being live so that you cannot miss any coin on product. The product will get end anytime so it’s better to make sure you are the last bidder when it get off.
5. Where the product will be live?
The products will get live here.
6. How much coins I have?
You have 100 coins when you start bidding.
7. How I can earn more coins?
When you are done with the welcome coins you have still a chance to grab more coins. You can opt for multiple activities referred in this link and earn coins as per their rewards.
8. What is refer and earn?
Refer and earn is the best way to ensure you are playing well and earning great coins. You can refer your friends and family. You will get a referral code when your friend will sign up using that code and start bidding, you will get 100 coins and your friend will get 100 more coins. You can refer maximum 5 friends in a day.
9. How many times I can refer someone and earn coins?
You can refer unlimited times and earn coins, but there is a catch you can refer maximum 5 friends per day.

10. When I should start bidding?
Right before the product is live.
11. How can I make sure that I will win?
You should check the coin on product page constantly and make sure you are the last bidder. If someone is bidding after you make sure you coin again so that you can win easily.
12. What if I win the product?
If you will win the product you can simply pay the coin price and get it delivered to your doorstep.
13. What is the price I need to pay for the product?
The coin price on which your last coin will be recorded. You should be paying that amount only whether it is 0.57 Rs. Or 57 Rs.
14. When I will receive my product?
Within 5 to 7 business days you will receive your product.
15. Can i get cash or gift vouchers against winning product.
No , We will dispatch only product.


Thank you for playing auctions with us. We hope you are happy with your winning product(s). However, if you have received damaged product then please see below for more information on our return policy.

Returns :- 

All returns must be postmarked within 5 days of the delivered date. All returned items must be in new and unused condition, with all original tags and labels attached. Return of a product will not be entertained after 5 days from the delivery date.

Return Process :-

To return an item, place the item securely in its original packaging, and mail your return to the following address:
We will refund coins to users on the basis of below mentioned conditions :-
  1. If users have lost any product but placed Coins upto 1000000 then users will get 10% coins value back in their respective Mytokri account.
  2. If users have lost any product and placed Coins above 1000000 then users will get 15% coins value back in their respective Mytokri account.
  3. Start from 4th Oct 2018
Note :- if user quits or lost the game then coins will be refunded back to user account after product get over.

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