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Zilant 6 mm Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine With Large LCD Display and 4 Sensor Technology For Accurate Weight Measurement Weighing Scale(Black 5)

About Product :- Personal Scale Basic Standard Capacity: 0.2-180kg Graduation: 0.1kg Display: 4 Digits LCD Battery: 2*AAA battery Temp. for work: 10-35 C Weighing automatic Unit: kg. Auto turn off after 10 seconds Hint of low-tension: “Lo” Hint of wrong: “__” Hint of out: “Err” Operate Explain Use the Switch at the bottom of the scale. When you start the machine in the air, it shows “0.0”. Please put the scale on a flat surface and restart Weighing after it shuts-off automatically in 10 seconds. Stand on the scale surface and it will switch on automatically. Stand on the scale in balance and start weighing, when the weigh is set, the figure will flash and then you can read it. The figure will keep flashing for 10 seconds and the scale will switch off. Replace the battery if the screen display “LO_” Try again if the screen shows “___” Keep it dry and don’t touch water. Attention When unused, the scale should be left unloaded to avoid over assumption of power and failure of work. Try to stand in the middle place to avoid slip. Stand on the scale in good balance to avoid failure of lock and incorrect illustration. No heavy knock on the scale. Keep it away from water and don’t wash it with water. A battery has been included.