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Zandu Balm | Effective relief from Headache, Body Pain, Sprain and Cold | No. 1 Ayurvedic Balm for Quick Pain Relief, 50ml (Pack of 2)

About Product :-
  • India's No. 1 and trusted ayurvedic balm with more than 100 years of expertise in pain relief.
  • The balm is non- greasy and penetrates swiftly into the affected areas to help deliver quick and long-lasting relief from pain.
  • Effective and fast remedy for Headaches. Body Pain, Muscle Pain, Sprain and Cold.
  • It contains ayurvedic ingredients like Menthasatva - treats common cold and headache, Eucalyptus - eases joint pain, Gaultheria oil - pain and inflammation reliever and Mentha - has cooling effect to soothe the infected area.
  • Dosage - Apply on affected parts and massage gently. Only for external use.