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Amazon offers you 60% OFF on Your Place or Mine? Book. Buy it at just Rs.40 only. Books play a very important role in enhancing our knowledge. Reading books refreshes your mind and helps in relaxing your mind.

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About Book :  His girlfriend's wedding invitation is languishing in his mailbox and the house he lives in is stacked with empty beer bottles and cigarette butts. Meet Ali, a young executive with a fortune 500 company, who drives a big car, leaves a big tip at the restaurant and has a big bank account. Even though his life seems fancy and perfect to the world outside, he is suffocated, closed and struggling with loneliness. From the author of the best selling novel to whom it may concern comes another dark, mystified and gripping story about a young man whose choices and circumstances lead him into an unknown territory. As he gives in to the dark and consuming world of drugs, rave parties and one night stands, will he be able to decipher love from lust? Moreover, will the morals, values and relationships he has lost on the way ever come back to him?