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Urban Platter Jasmine Water, 700ml [Mogra Water]

About Product :-
  • Prepared using distilled water and jasmine petals, Jasmine Water, popularly known as Mogra Water, is a simple but absolutely fragrant and refreshing floral water, used for a variety of culinary, aromatherapy and skin care uses.
  • With a distinctive floral scent and a subtle sweet flavour, it is most popularly used in Thai cuisine especially while preparing Thai desserts.
  • Our aromatic and flavourful Jasmine water is ideal for baking and cooking. Add it to your puddings, custards, ice creams or top off your salads with a few drops of this water. It also goes well when infused and cooked with sticky rice for Asian meals or some Thai red curry.
  • Consuming Jasmine Water can is also known to have stress relieving, anti ageing and mood boosting effects.
  • Urban Platter - Simply Good Food! :)