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Toyhouse Dream Car, 6V Rechargeable Battery Operated Ride On, Yellow Rs.8972 From

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About Product :-
  • Remote controlled speed racer for forward, reverse, left and right moving functions
  • The control distance is about 10 meters
  • Can be operated manually also with an electronic foot accelerator, which also functions as a brake when the foot is off the accelerator pedal
  • Suitable for kids from two years of age
  • You can make the child sit and put the belt for safety and then you could move the car with the child seated inside with the help of the remote
  • The multi-function steering has 4 music choices
  • It has working headlights
  • The toy is manufactured with a steel chassis and a tough plastic bodywork which is very strong and flexible
  • This toy has passed the EN71 testing which means its quality and safeties are of European standard
  • Speed = 2.7Km/Hr
  • Child weight max. capacity 30 kgs
  • In the interests of your child's safety and the safety of others, we must ensure that you fully understand the recommended guidelines for these products
  • Vehicle not to be used on public highways (roads/pavements)
  • Vehicle must be used on private property with owner's consent
  • Appropriate protective equipment must be worn at all times
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • It is essential for your child's safety and optimum performance of the product that you fully read and follow all instructions before use