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Would you live up to the image of a Casanova and fornicate with a neuron spitting friend's sister, though subconsciously falling for someone else. Would you give up on a friend who is being tortured mentally, emotionally and at last physically or help him get out of a relationship where he hardly scrapes time to pee. Would you help a friend who reminds you every second that perversion is 'actually' a disease and try to cure it using the most effective antibiotic in college, one girl sacrificed. Would you care for someone who starts radiating neurons from his head the moment lecturer writes the topic on board, another girl sacrificed. 'You' here is Rahul, who thinks his life is a waste if he ain't doing social service by helping people in dire need of salvation. Are his attempts Rational, 'No'. Do they help, 'more or less'. Does he stop trying, 'not until he is dead or killed in the attempt'. Disclaimer: This is not a self help book and any imitation to any act portrayed in the book does not in any way is authors responsibility, anyways after reading it you would be more than happy to be leading your sad, hollow, disastrous and good for nothing lives rather than trying something.