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Smiling Star LED Light Pillow - Yellow

About Product :-
  • LED Light up Pillow is the perfect gift for children, sweetheart, and beloved one
  • or just uses it to add unique beautiful design to your room
  • and to create a special atmosphere. 
  • Pretty, squishy and cuddly-- perfect gift for your kids and adults too.
  • The LED lights keep changing colors and very small that
  • you don't even feel them when you touch the pillow so you can use it
  • as regular pillow with the light or without the light.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries  
  • LED Light up Star Shaped Illuminated Cushion - Plush Toy - Glow Star Pillow
  • Perfect for Nap Time & Travel - Use as a Night Lamp Beautiful Glow Room Decoration -
  • Pillow Pal - Energy Conservation - Green & Environmental Friendly
  • Use this LED Light up Pillow for travel, nap, room decoration, sleepovers etc
  • Just turn it on and enjoy the LED lights,
  • the colors changes to red, blue, white, green and yellow automatically.
  • This LED Light up Pillow can work for many hours,
  • and the LED Lights are guaranteed not to burn out and also releases no heat.
  • Color : Yellow

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