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Smilemakers Adjustable Hands-Free 4-in-1 (with Comfortable Head Support & Buckle Straps) Baby Carrier Baby Carrier(Black, Beige, Front Carry facing in)

About Product :- This Baby Carrier is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety to the baby as well as the parent. Baby can easily get in or out with the adjustable side openings. It also fits the baby comfortably around the waist and legs. Take your baby along for a stroll or shopping with this Baby Carrier. It is made from breathable fabric which keeps your baby at ease. Adjustable Buckle and Straps ensures that the baby is neither too close to your body or too far away from you, so that you can watch over your baby while maintaining a healthy physical contact. A Head Rest moves up or down and ensures correct posture and support to the baby's back and neck. The parent can carry the baby facing in or out, cradle position or back carrying positions. A pocket puts the baby's favorite items handy. Fine Fabric, Advanced Hardware, Superior Design and Superb Construction makes this Baby Carrier a premium quality product for every home with a baby to care for.