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SLEEP SPA OEKO TEX CERTIFIED FABRIC 6 inch King Memory Foam Mattress(Vacuum Packed)

About Product :-  What is the benefit of these layers? Mattress features a cool open cell structure Memory foam that is airy and cool- keeps your body cool to sleep as airflow is ensured at a maximum; followed by a responsive body-contouring memory foam layer that provided body-hugging comfort –each part of your body gets the comfort just as it requires; An open-cell structure HR foam Transition layer makes for an easy inflow and outflow of air between the base orthopedic HR foam and the top memory foam layers. This unique configuration proffers optimum level comfort while adjusting to a temperature that surrounds it. This mattress is encased in an OEKO TEX CERTIFIED PREMIUM COTTON FABRIC .How does it WORK? We devised this mattress to provide a 7-8 hour complete cool sleep. An average Indian needs an 8-hour sleep to feel rejuvenated. When you are well-rested and energized each morning, you perform better at work, enjoy more hours of family life, make more memories! This mattress plays a vital role in raising standards of your living by being the purr-fect mattress!