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Publication Date: 21 June 2010
Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness is a novel available in paperback that revolves around the character of Grace Brookstein, a beautiful lady who is very gullible. She's married to Lenny Brookstein, a billionaire with all the riches imaginable. He's an ambitious, hard-working man which is the secret behind his success. Generous and good-hearted, he's the personification of America. The couple is well-known for their charitable attitude and the fund raising ball they arrange every year. They live a life that people can only dream about and enjoy all the comforts in the world. Inspite of the nose-diving American economy, the lives of Lenny and Grace remains unchanged. Everything was great until the day Lenny doesn't return from his sailing trip to Nantucket Beach Estate. His yacht is found abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Grace is shattered since her husband meant the world to her. With his sudden disappearance, comes the shocker that the invested money from Lenny's hedge fund, Quorum, accounting to $75 billion is missing. Everyone accuses Grace of stealing the money. This marks the start of a whole new set of events that will be a nightmare for her. With no one she can trust, she finds herself surrounded by murder, greed and betrayal. After the Darkness, published on 21st June, 2010 describes the transformation of Grace from being a delicate darling to a bold, independent woman.