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Santoor Whitening and UV Protection Body Lotion for Women, 250ml

About Product :-
  • A non greasy body lotion with deep acting natural ingredients that moisturize and soften skin to restore its moisture balance throughout the day.
  • It has Japanese Sakura flower extracts renowned for skin whitening and anti-ageing properties and Sandalwood extracts which help even your skin tone and texture.
  • Its UV filter gives your skin daily protection from damaging rays on the outside to give you fairer, luminous and even-toned complexion. Let your youthful glow shine through with confidence!
  • Sandalwood and sakura extracts
  • Apply to your body, section by section, starting at your ankles. Work all the up to your neck. Only put enough lotion on your hands to do each part. This will ensure you give each part of your body enough attention. Use a circular motion with light pressure, focusing the pressure on the palms of your hands