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Sanfe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On for instant relief from period pain (10 ML Roll On)

About Product :-
  • Quick Relief Sanfe feminine cramp relief roll on is known for giving instant and long-lasting relief from super-intense spasms and cramps. The quick action formula allows essential oils to relieve cramps for women.
  • 100% Natural Sanfe cramp relief roll on is enriched with the goodness of ayurvedic essentials and herbs like Eucalyptus, Satva Pudina, Wintergreen Oil, etc. These powerful and highly effective herbs are known for easing menstrual cramps and reducing muscle soreness naturally.
  • Safe To Use Sanfe period relief roll on comes with the hassle-free application, and is extremely easy to use. Just gently roll it over the affected area and let the magic begin with the cooling sensation.
  • Improves Mood Sanfe roll on doesn’t only relieve you from the period cramps but also enhances and elevates your mood. It is infused with Eucalyptus and other essential oils, which have potent healing and mood-lifting properties. These herbs also help in stimulating mood and energy.