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Publication Date: 9 December 2013
What happens when a girl meets a boy on a train journey and they eventually fall in love? A new Romeo and Juliet are born and what happens when their families find out? Enter Hitler. Rohan bumps into Shreya perchance and dreams of spending a lifetime with her. Love is in the air, the breeze seems colder, the stars shine brighter and life seems rosier but can it last forever? Like all other love stories, this one is also horrifying and hilarious in bits. As Rohan meanders through his feelings, travels across cities, gets thrown behind bars by pot-bellied policemen and is almost beaten in his own life and career, he still has to face the biggest test of all, facing Shreya's Hitler brother.Will he be able to win him over or will Hitler put brakes on their love? Romeo, Juliet & Hitler is a story of young love coming face to face with the grown up world and its notions of right and wrong. Will this set of Romeo and Juliet share the same fate as the originals or will they manage to win over all odds? Let's find out!