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Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Pants Diapers, Large, (Pack of 11)

About Product :-
  • Introducing Pampers Swimming Diapers, imported from Poland. These high quality swimming diapers help ensure a perfect swim time for your baby
  • Prevents Swelling under Water- Unlike a regular diaper, Splashers does not swell hence giving your baby that extra comfort to make a splash
  • Dual Leak Guard Barriers- that prevents pee and poo from leaking out, hence keeping the pool clean and prevent infections
  • Fits Like Swimwear - Splashers are Pant style diapers, like usual Pampers, and have a snug fit, just like usual swim-wear to give your baby the best swimming experience
  • Easy Tear Slides- Splashers have easy tear side seams which enables easy removal once your baby is out of the pool
  • Swim Inspired Cool Graphics that are fun to wear and flaunt
  • 360(degree) WaistBand- All round stretchy waistband that helps provide the best fit even under water