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Onlyleaf Dandelion Green Tea, 27 Tea Bags (25 Tea Bags + 2 Free Exotic Samples)

About Product :-
  • Fresh Orthodox Whole Leaf Tea With 100% Natural Ingredients: Onlyleaf's Green teas contain unbroken-whole leaves that retain the flavour profile of the tea to the fullest extent. All our ingredients are 100 % Natural
  • No dust, no fannings: our teas are processed in a manner that minimizes drying - consequently, our teas ensure that the flavour components like tannins and essential oils are retained to the maximum extent giving you a more flavoursome experience
  • Tea benefits: this is a unique mix of dandelion and green tea which will leave you surprised with its strong flavours; Along with the natural anti-oxidants of green tea, dandelion comes with important fibre content that detoxify and will aid in cleaning out your body from within making you feel lighter
  • Tea profile & steeping notes: if there's anything such as 'pleasingly bitter', this is it; Dandelion lends a kind of earthiness to this tea and the inherent vegetal flavours to the green tea is made a bit sweeter by the flower; You can also trace the nuttiness of the dried flowers in the cup; Ideal brew time is 7 minutes at 90 -110 degrees Celsius
  • Box contains: 25 teabags of fresh whole leaf dandelion green tea and 2 exotic sample teabags of organic green tea which with its vegetal, earthy taste notes will leave an impression upon your palate