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About Book :

Ohh Yes, I Am Single! And So Is My Girlfriend! is the story of a nerd who falls in and out of love. He wears his heart on his sleeve and hands it to anyone at the drop of a hat. He is the quintessential romantic and this book is a log of all the times his heart falls in love and is broken. Summary of the Book: Every love story does not have a predictable narrative and neither does Ohh Yes, I Am Single! And So Is My Girlfriend!. The book puts forward an open-hearted account by a love struck guy, Durjoy, who confesses every last detail of all his love stories to his friend. His angst and disappointment after every broken relationship grows more evident through the course of the book. The book takes a fresh approach to complex issues like love and infatuation. It takes you on the journey of a guy who falls in love as fast as he falls out of it. He is cupid's favorite victim and love becomes even more enigmatic to him after every broken relationship. His insecurities in life cloud his thoughts often, and he sees even a fling as a potential relationship. This sparks him off on an endless and vicious cycle. What happens finally? Does he understand what love actually is or will he stay confused for long? These are the questions that will keep you turning the pages of this book with bated breath.