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Microsoft Sculpt Mobile 43U-00010 Mouse Rs.1620 || T9T-00028 Keyboard Rs. 3189 From

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile 43U-00010 Mouse Rs. 1620

  • Four-Way Scrolling with Tilt Technology Scroll left, right, front and back with four-way wheel scrolling. Quickly navigate all of your projects with speed and efficiency. 2 Optimized for Windows Navigate Windows with ease by pressing the Windows button for quick access to the Windows 8 Start screen. In Windows 7, press to quickly pull up the Start menu.

  • Contoured design promotes a natural wrist position and puts keys within easy reach
  • Provide convenient access to commonly used Windows 8 functions
  • Enjoy a reliable, transceiver-free wireless connection to your bluetooth-enabled computer (requires computer with bluetooth technology)
  • Compact design for ultimate portability and ideal for users on the go
  • For a more pleasant typing experience
  • Plus an on/off switch that conserves battery life