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MamyPoko Pants Standard Diapers - L (34 Pieces)

Product Details -

Diapers if not chosen with care and precision can cause rashes and allergies on your baby’s skin. These Mamy Poko Pants have been designed to enhance your little one’s comfort at the same time allow them to move around easily.

Soft Elastic with pores

The soft elastic of these diapers is gentle on your baby’s skin. Furthermore the pores facilitate breathability.

Soft leg gathers

As comfort is a priority when it comes to these diapers, they have a soft leg gathering which doesn’t leave marks on your baby’s skin.  

No Tapes

You don’t have to fret about the diaper coming off, as they have no tapes which will come off.

Maxi-absorbent core

Making sure the liquid gets soaked up instantly and doesn’t leave  your baby feeling uneasy is the maxi-absorbent core of these diapers.

Easy to Wear

These diapers are easy to wear, thus making the task of putting on diapers a cakewalk for the parents.

For crawling and standing babies

Appropriate for crawling and standing babies, these diapers facilitate easy movement.