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Lost & Found in India (Paperback) Rs.119 From Amazon India

Amazon offers you Lost & Found in India (Paperback) at a discounted price of Rs. 119 only. It is a wonderful book filled with the writer's images and personal stories of her life in India. Tragedy, humor, insight, and the occasional tongue-in- cheek rant are woven through each chapter as the reader experiences the sites, smells, tastes, sounds, and even the feel of Braja's India. It is one of the best books to read. Order now.

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Book Description :-

The first moment I arrived in 1993, India kicked my senses awake, laughed its way into my heart and delighted me with its intoxicating array of colour, tradition, celebrations, festivity life! I was in the land where transcendence had been living for thousands of years as everyone’s next door neighbour. Everything about my surroundings drove me towards introspection, depth and the beginnings of peace. Even the weather seemed to conspire against the possibility that I might abandon this decision and take flight, back to the familiarity of my former life. Through the drenching rains of the monsoon, with its steady drumming like background music to my days, I started to find what it was I was seeking: shelter. I had no idea that the script was written by a cosmic comedian. And I think he still lives in India. Despite how entertaining or exotic one may find other books on India to be, they share the trait that they are all written by foreigners on a brief journey, an adventure and consequently they all deliver an often incorrect view of a country that is impossible to understand from the surface. Sorensen moved in, set up house, became a resident in a village on the banks of the Ganges River and eventually called India home. Her writing swings from the depths of ancient culture, spirituality and philosophy, through to drunk bathroom repair men, Indian wedding season and ties it all together with direction, grounding and an easily-digested reality. It’s funny, outrageous, controversial, deep, witty, spiritual, philosophical and damned entertaining in other words, it’s India.