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Leafy Tales Areca Palm Air Purifier Live Plant in Black Plastic Pot

About Product :-
  • Natural Live Plant; Air Purifier, Indoor, Low Maintenance, Evergreen and easy to grow plant
  • The areca palm, also known as the butterfly or golden cane palm is the most popular grown indoor plant. These are one of the most attractive, durable and tolerant houseplants
  • Water – 2 times a week; Sunlight – Once a week, morning sunlight for 2-3 Hrs; Manure – Once in 6 months
  • Plant Height – 5-6 inches; Pot Specification - 4 inches Black Plastic Pot; Quantity – 1
  • Water the plant immediately after receiving them to avoid transit shock & provide morning sunlight for 2-3 hours
  • Sunlight exposure: Partial Shade