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KETSAAL Plastic Fruits and Vegetable Juicer with Steel Handle

About Product :-
  • Hassle-free juicing The juicer provides hassle-free juicing with the smart build and the easy to operate handle. There will be little to no exertion while making juice from your favourite fruits and vegetables with this mixer grinder. Thus, you can use seeded fruits and vegetables such as pomegranate, tomato, watermelon and more and not worry about having pieces of seeds in your drink. Its unique design and filtration function ensures maximum extracts of juice from all types of fruits and veget
  • Comfortable to operate metal handle The juicer has an easy to operate metal handle. It makes it efficient at juicing and easy to operate. This handle is easy to operate, it does not require much effort to rotate the handle which makes it easy to use by kids, adult and elderly people.
  • Vacuum base for sturdy operation The juicer has a vacuum base which keeps the mixer grinder in place while it is switched on. This prevents spillage and other accidents.
  • Color May Vary As Per Stock Availability
  • Removes pulp and seeds effortlessly The juicer removes the pulp and seeds from fruits and vegetables effortlessly. Now enjoy your drink without the nasty feeling of a seed or pulp being stuck in your mouth. The grinder delivers a texture-free juice that is pleasant to drink. Unlike the other juicers this juicer extracts the maximum juice and helps you to lead a healthier life. You can also use it to prepare fresh and healthy juices from a wide range of greens including palak, wheatgrass and more