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  • Junior Horlicks 1-2-3: An easy to digest drink for the fussy toddler at home (Junior Horlicks is partially pre-digested, which helps make it easy to digest)
  • Junior Horlicks 4-5-6 with growth boosters
  • Power vitamins and smart nutrients: A nutrition packed health food drink for an active pre-schooler

Get Horlicks Jar - 1  kg from Amazon at a discounted price of Rs. 281 only plus FREE shipping. Horlicks has been a popular brand in the country since the 1930's. Today, the modern Horlicks stands for trust and its promise of pleasurable nourishment with a delicious range of flavours including chocolate, vanilla and elaichi. It is great family nourisher. This is the lowest online price that we've found. Order now.

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