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Book Description :-

  • A novel that focuses on the Bhopal Gas Disaster and its aftermath
  • Anjali Deshpande is a freelance journalist who has dabbled in the women's movement and the struggle of Bhopal victims for justice and other such lost causes. Eclectic, an iconoclast to the core, she is never at a loss in any debate - the noisier the better. She manages her world without much discipline, any sense of design or patience, and cultivates the virtues of laziness. She lives in Delhi with her husband and without cats or children.]
Impeachment by Anjali Deshpande, is a novel dedicated to Dr Heeresh Chandra, a name we have seldom heard. For the author, this doctor of the dead is not simply unsung but the only true hero of Bhopal. Here is a well-told fictional narrative skilfully woven around the aftermath of the shameful disaster commonly known as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Available now in paperback for just Rs. 80/- on only. Save paper with the Kindle Edition available for just Rs. 76/-.