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Himalaya for Moms Toning Masage Oil, 500ml

  • A daily massage with Himalaya for Moms Toning Massage Oil helps in strengthening and firming the skin
  • The soothing Lavender aroma moderates your mood, stimulates your senses and leaves you rejuvenated and relaxed
  • Sesame Oil - is considered the most superior oil in Ayurveda for its skin firming properties
  • It moisturizes and soothes the skin, thus preventing it from dryness and infections. Its natural Vitamin E content is an emollient and antioxidant
  • Country Mallow - also known as Bala in Ayurveda, helps to improve muscle and joint strength
  • Winter Cherry - soothes and calms the skin and reduces stress with its rejuvenating and skin-conditioning properties
  • Aloe Vera heals wounds