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HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale with Temperature and Step-On Technology (Batteries Included)

Product Details -
  • DESIGN: Elegant horizontally striped design on jet black tempered glass platform with curved edges for added safety. Skid proof feet provides added stability and rollover protection.
  • EFFICIENT MONITORING: Precision G-sensors perfectly devised with a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 300g giving you the most accurate results every time you step on
  • TEMPERATURE FEATURE: Instant access to current room temperature anytime, anywhere without additional instruments.
  • HOW TO CALIBRATE: Place scale on hard, flat surface. Initialize by pressing one foot on the scale until random numbers appear on screen. Remove foot as it returns to zero (0.0). Now weigh yourself.
  • RELIABLE FEATURES: Large black LCD with blue backlight and black fonts, skid-proof base, 5kg-180kg weight range, 2 measuring units, Step-on technology, error and low battery indicators.