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Healthgenie HD-221 Digital Weighing Scale (Brushed Black)

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About Product :-
  • The scale needs to be charged properly before the first use
  • Step on instant Read : The scale shows immediate reading as soon as stepped on the scale. Measurement range ( 5kg- 180kg)
  • Temperature display & USB compatible : Healthgenie weighing scale shows Room temperature in degree Celcius. Also, it has micro-USB port for easy charging through a laptop, tablet or directly through mobile charger (USB cable included)
  • Battery Options : The weighing scale comes with 2 battery options i.e., Primary & Secondary battery, The primary battery is rechargeable ( included) and secondary is regular battery
  • Low Battery & Overload Indicator : The weighing scale has an all time battery display on the screen which also warns about low battery so that users can recharge it before shutting down.The scale also comes with overloading indicator which appears when weight incre