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GULF ULTRASYNTH X SAE 5W-30 - [3.5 L] - Pack of 1

About Product :-
  • Gulf Ultrasynth X 5W-30 is a synthetic passenger car motor oil specially developed for modern petrol, diesel, CNG and LPG engines.
  • It is formulated with special engine detoxifiers in premium base oils that protect the engine from harmful carbon deposits in all types of conditions.
  • 'Cold running deposits' formed during city driving and 'hot running deposits' formed during highway driving conditions are arrested by these detoxifiers, thereby keeping the engine clean. (Specifications: API SN/CF; ILSAC GF-5)
  • The 'detoxed' engine is more responsive and delivers an ultra smooth drive
  • Petrol, diesel, CNG and LPG powered cars of Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, VW, Ford, Honda & Toyota (Follow equipment manufacturer's recommendation for performance level & viscosity grade)