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Product Description :-

Episode 1: Alexander the Great

This first episode examines the legend and legacy of Macedonian King, unrivalled military genius and conqueror of the ancient world Alexander the Great (356-323 BC).

Episode 2: Hannibal

The second programme in this new history series examines the military genius of risk-taking Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca (247 – 182BC).

Episode 3: Julius Caesar

This episode examines the career of Julius Caesar, the most famous Roman leader of all. He conquered more land than any other Roman; turned a Republic into an Empire; and had a celebrated love affair with the Egyptian empress Cleopatra – but was unable to prevent his own assassination.

Episode 4: Nelson

The subject of this episode is Horatio Nelson, whose naval career began at the age of 12 and ended with one of the greatest military victories in history. like so many of history’s big names, Nelson’s achievements have become shrouded in legend and in this programme experts mark Grove and Peter Warwick extract the man from the myth to reveal what set him apart.

Episode 5: Napoleon

This episode profiles Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military genius who rose to power during the Revolution and declared himself Emperor – and whose vision of a united Europe may yet triumph over the scepticism of the British who finally ended his career at Waterloo.