Glenburn Vintage French Press Coffee Maker (600ml)

Glenburn Vintage French Press Coffee Maker (600ml)
RS. 899
RS. 1499
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About Product :-
  • CLASSY COFFEE BREWING: Brew a rich cup of joe with this french press coffee maker. Designed to produce superior tasting coffee while keeping it hot as it captures more of the flavor and essential oils from the coffee bean, producing a fuller or bolder flavor that's often lost in paper filtered coffee makers. This modern french press is great for dinner parties, where you can brew your guests' coffee right at the table
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS CARAFE: This durable and heat resistant carafe is made to last with thermal shock resistant borosilicate clear glass; allows you to see the press in action as you plunge and makes pouring the correct amount of water easier. This beaker shaped glass pitcher can hold and lets you brew up to 600ml of restaurant-quality coffee. With a small spout for easy pouring

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