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Gizga Essentials G11 Earphone Carrying Case for Earphones

About Product :-
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Gizga Essentials Earphone Carrying Case (Headphone Case) is spherical in shape with tapered top. Ergonomically the inside to keep a lot more contents one would think is possible. Excellent for Earphones, Pen Drive, Coins, SD Cards, Connectors etc.
  • SECURE & DURABLE: When you carry your earphones in your purses and your pockets; when you leave them on your tables they have a tendency of getting entangled, dirty or lost. It guards, carries, stores and protects your earphones from dirt and grime, and keeps them untangled.
  • BUILD STRONG: Build Strong with Semi-rigid shell covered with 1680d ballistic nylon which makes the case tough and shock resistant and does not transfer impact to the contents inside.