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Flomaster 6 in 1 Emergency Car Rescue kit Rs.649 From

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About Product :-
  • Brand Name - Flomaster
  • Tow Cable:
  • Fiber Based Tow Cable
  • 2 Mtr Long
  • Heavy Metal Hooks to pull Heavy Vehicle as well
  • Battery Booster Jumper cable
  • Fights most common emergency- Batter dieing.
  • Charge your Battery using these cables from other car Battery.
  • 300AMP Jumper Cable
  • Safe Tapes
  • Blak Safe Tapes to prevent electric Shocks
  • Safely connects wires for better current flow.
  • Electric Shock Safe Tapes
  • Easily Cuttable Tapes
  • Knit Gloves
  • For keeping your hands Clean while dealing with emergencies
  • Ease in operating while emergencies and fixing things
  • Set of Fuses
  • Set of seven most commonly replaced fuses in today's cars, trucks, and SUV's Color coded for easy identification Universal Fuses for all brands of Cars in India
  • Sales Package
  • 1 x Jumper Cable
  • 1 x Torch
  • 1 x Fuses Set
  • 1 x Tape
  • 1 x Tow Rope
  • 1 x Hand Gloves

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