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About Product :-

  • AquaSure Crystal UV is a multistage electric water purifier with advanced technology that kills harmful bacteria & viruses, giving your family 100% pure and safe drinking water.
  • 3 Stage UV Water Purifier –
  • Sediment Filter:Removes floating particles,Carbon Block:Removes Organic & Chemical Compounds, UV Tech:Eleminates water borne disease like bacteria & virus.
  • Protects your family by delivering pure water always.
  • Enhances the life of UV lamp.
  • Ensures your purifier works even during voltage fluctuation.
  • Delivers 2 L in a minute!.
  • Enhancing the life of UV Lamp and saves energy.
  • Avoids wastage of pure water.
  • Alert signals if any error occurs.
  • Cartridge Life 6000 Ltrs.
  • Cleans cartridge & enhances its life.