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Cutting EDGE Nesterware 24 container Kitchen Storage Solution With Stands Aqua Blue Rs.1598 From

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About Product :-
  • These are perfect space savers, ideal for every kitchen since they are flexible enough to go anyplace you'd want. They can go on a shelf, on a wall, in a cupboard, inside a drawer or even on the counter. Nesterware containers are both nestable and stackable.
  • Clutter Free Storage - All containers have the same lids, so no more wasting time in trying to find the right lid. Containers and Lids have their own stands so getting one out is as easy as pulling it out from the stand. Nesterware is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, certified BPA free, recyclable, and ecofriendly so it's safe for you, your family and your environment. They are easy to wash, unbreakable and hence low maintenance, be it kids, maids or accidental drops.
  • Nesterware slideshow https:// Nesterware video https://
  • Nesterware is your perfect leftover companion, also doubling as a lunch box that can be heated in the microwave. No space in the refrigerator- shift to see through Nesterware containers that will save space and keep your food fresh! Nesterware is freezer friendly too. Containers come in 3 convenient sizes 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml. The biggest advantage with this is that you know just how many containers there were making tracking them much easier. No more lost containers nor lids!
  • Set consists of 12 500ml Containers with Stand Hooks, 6 750ml Containers with Stand Hooks, 6 1000ml Containers with Stand Hooks, 2 Stands for the Lids, 3 Stands for the Containers- One for Each Size, 5 Stand Mounting Plates, 24 Lids with Stand Hooks, 10 + 2 extra Stainless Steel Screws. Total 70 pc Set. Proudly Made In India!