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Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Pack of 4 Tower Fan (Grey, Pack of 4)

About Product :- Crompton continuously strives to drive innovation based on a deep understanding of consumer needs. In Indian homes, the kitchen is the hottest place due to limited exhaust facilities. Using a traditional ceiling fan in the kitchen is not an ideal option as it disturbs the flame of the gas stove. Keeping these in mind, the ‘Airbuddy’ has been designed with an adjustable louver for desired air flow that allows the homemaker to enjoy cool breeze without disturbing the gas flames while cooking. Its sleek compact design can be easily accommodated on the platform, mounted on the wall, under the cabinet horizontally or vertically. The Airbuddy Kitchen Fan is designed to give a soft air flow to give comfort for a personal use. This fan does not provide air throw like regular table or desk fan. Primarily meant for kitchen enviornments where the ceiling fan blows off the gas flames and provides discomfort while cooking for long time. AirBuddy comes with horizontal mounting brackets as well as additional base for vertical standing positions. Suggestable as a personal table or stand fan for a small area usage. It can be used for focused air flow during study/sleep and other personalised working applications. Number of speed settings: 3