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Cello Lush Fiesta Opalware Dinner Set, 18-Pieces, White

About Product :-
  • Made in India with most advanced German technology as per European standards
  • Bacteria free-non porous and hygienic for your family
  • 100 percent vegetarian - bone ash free and made of green material
  • Thermal resistant - no cracks on heating food in microwave from refrigerator
  • Break, chip and scratch resistant-made for everyday use
  • Dishwasher safe, micro wave safe and stackable, fully tempered up to 3 times stronger, recyclable, easy to clean
  • Food grade, 100 percent hygienic
  • Vibrant designs that make dazzling white wares look beautiful
  • Smooth surface, light weight, stackable, super white
  • Color: White, Material: Opalware
  • Package Contents: 6-Piece Dinner Plate (10inch), 6-Piece Quarter Plate (200mm) and 6-Piece Veg Bowl (100mm)