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CarMetics Ertiga 3D Letters (3D Stickers 3D Logo 3D Emblem

About Product :-
  • ABOUT THE COLOR COMBINATION : This CHROME FINISH letters combination looks best for DARK colored cars, or even for DARK COLOR CARS like the Black, Blue, Brown, Maroon, Silver, dark Grey etc. There are very less color combination like this one. This is the maximum possible contrast color combinations for the DARK cars. The Chrome color is the first choice of material when it comes add some glamor to its car’s facelifted model.
  • ABOUT THE STYLING : The car 3d letters from CarMetics are the simple way of adding a SUVish looks to the car’s profile. This is the style statement used by many reputed car manufacturers around the Globe. Now a days many cars coming with the same style statement in India as well. Unlike many car modification this will not tamper any warranty of your beloved car. This is the simple car exterior accessories which GIVES VERY NOTICEABLE VISUAL UPGRADE.
  • WHERE TO USE : This is made to use on the car’s bonnet , dickey doors and on the side section of the dickey as shown in the main images. HOW TO APPLY : CarMetics 3d Letters comes with strong self adhesive. These adhesive quality is Optimum, means it is strong