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BLUEOXY Non-Toxic and Biodegradable Quick Shine, Fast Drying Action Prevents Spotting

About Product :-
  • BlueOxy Rinse Aid is an able savior for automatic dish washers. It ably prevents water spots, accumulation of white film and continuous streaking on your glasses and household utensils. We firmly and strongly ensure you a sparkling, dazzling and spotless shine in every use of time.
  • How to use: Full the Rinse aid reservoir of your auto dish washer with prescribed rinse aid as per directions given in the dish washer manual.
  • For the best stellar performance always prefer and use Auto dish washer detergent liquid. Its exquisite, unique and powerful eco-friendly formulation removes tough, resilient, smears, stains, spots and thickly accumulated residues. It results in spotless, stainless clean healthy and hygienic wash.
  • Salient features of Auto dish wash salt: It protects and guards your dish washer from hard water line scale residues, depositions and keeps it absolutely corrosion free. It also softens the water and it boosts and enhances the detergent performance at par in excellence.