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Baidyanath Vita Ex Gold Plus - Made with Pure Shilajit and Fortified with Swarna Bhasma - 20 Capsules

About Product :-
  • ENERGY BOOSTERS: Baidyanath Vita-Ex Gold Plus is an Ayurvedic formulation that helps in maintaining strength and energy. Due to the hectic life schedule, our body starts losing its working capabilities and starts feeling lethargic that leads to fatigue. The natural and efficacious ingredients poured in Vita-Ex Gold Plus contain powerful antioxidants, proteins and minerals. It helps remove oxidative stress and keeps the body active through the day.
  • MAINTAINS VIGOUR AND VITALITY: Baidyanath Vita-Ex Gold Plus is a non-hormonal vitalizer and tonic, which promotes activeness and sustained stamina. It's rich in active minerals which vitalizes your body’s activeness and helps maintain vigour. It also helps prevent early stamina loss and keeps you energetic.
  • FORTIFIED WITH SWARNA BHASMA: Made from Shudh Shilajit, Ashwagandha and Safed Musli and fortified with Swarna Bhasma, this unique formulation helps with your energy and stamina needs. Shilajeet and Ashwagandha are popularly known herbs in Ayurveda that help in elevating activeness and maintaining vigour for a longer period of time.