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Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawan Vit - Specially formulated Chyawanprash with No Added Sugar - 1kg

About Product :-
  • SUPPORTS SUGAR FREE DIETS: As the name suggests, Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawan Vit is a specially formulated Chyawanprash which is made with no added sugar and makes it suitable for individuals who are on no sugar diets or are looking to cut down sugar intake. Like every Baidyanath Chyawanprash, it is rich in nutrients that help strengthen the body’s defences that help fight common cough, fever, cold due to infections. It acts as an immunity booster and supports overall wellbeing and health.
  • ENERGY AND IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawan Vit helps fortify the body’s own internal defence mechanism and the immune system by building general resistance against pathogens. Ashwagandha helps in keeping the body active and energetic. It is loaded with Vitamin C from Amla that helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Consume it regularly a