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Ash & Roh® - Brandy Glass Transparent Crystal Wine Glasses Short Brandy Glasses (100 ML) (Set of 6)

About Product :-
  • This small crystal glasses are perfect for you to enjoy a alco spirits, with a tapered rim that directs the flow of the drink toward the front palate and highlights the richness of your spirits drinks.
  • If you love brandy, cognac or whiskey, this crystal glasses come in at a fantastic size. This size eliminates frequent refilling of your favourite drinks.
  • These glasses are classic shape tapers towards the bottom. Perfect for serving drinks, traditional cocktails, favourite wine or any cold beverages.
  • This crystal-clear cocktail glasses are perfect for everyday use at your house or party or celebration. This special wine glass is perfect for a Cabernet, Merlot or any glass of your favourite wine.
  • These crystal wine glasses are dishwasher and refrigerator safe.