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APC BX600C-IN 600VA/360W UPS System for Personal Computers, Home Entertainment

About Product :-
  • 600VA / 360W
  • 3 battery powered sockets
  • 1 x 7.2Ah battery
  • 21 min runtime on single PC
  • Recommended for 1 PC load + 1 connected device
  • 2 year warranty
  • BIS Approved ,Safety certified to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) latest UPS standard
  • Sleek design ,Refreshed look
  • Wide Input Voltage window, Works easily in most demanding input voltage conditions: 145-290V. AVR function corrects incoming voltage from utility without utilizing the battery, saving the battery when it is really needed - during power cuts
  • Generator/Inverter compatibility,Operates in wide input frequency range, 45-65Hz, for compatibility with most generators. Works with inverters too!
  • Electronic Overload protection ,Automatically protects devices when there is an overload or short-circuit
  • Cold-Start Capable,Powers up your devices from battery when mains are unavailable
  • Battery Saver,Increases battery life up to 2x when selected,Enables no-load shutdown when on-battery,Keeps battery capacity in reserve for "double hit" power cuts
  • Protection from Spikes,255J of spike suppression protects your devices
  • Faster Charging,Charges in 4-6 hrs to ensure that the UPS is ready for the next power cut.
  • Quiet UPS - Less Beeping,Stays quiet during changeovers between mains and generator
  • 3 LEDs - On/Off /Alert, Charging, Battery Saver, Helps the user understand UPS status quickly
  • Thermal run-away prevention that helps to protects life and property, Designed to keep internal temperature under check and help to protect if temperature rises above set threshold