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All Time Plastic Kitchen Store Set, 36-Pieces, Multicolour

About Product :-
  • Easy Prep and Store Kitchen Set
  • BPA Free
  • Microwave Safe(Without Lid Only), freezer safe and dishwasher safe makes it convenient to use
  • Airtight and Leak-proof Keeps food fresh for longer
  • Square and Rectangular shape saves space in the refrigerator and racks
  • Each container comes with the lid so you do not need to cover it with the plate
  • Modular design and they can be stacked easily
  • Made of 100 percent food grade materials
  • Calibrated Marking for right measures
  • Great Colour option suits modern style kitchen decor - Beautiful Polka Design on Lids - 99 percent Safe is Meaningless
  • Safety has to be 100 percent, All Time Safer, smarter, superior therefore the All Time Best
  • Color: Multicolour, Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Chopping Mat, 1-Piece Chopping Board, 5-Pieces Container (125ml), 3-Pieces Container (250ml), 3-Pieces Container (400ml), 2-Pieces Container (600ml), 2-Pieces Container (1.2 Litres), 1-Piece Container (1.5 Litres), 1-Piece Container (3 Litres), 1-Piece Mixing Bowl (1.3 Litres), 1-Piece Mixing Bowl (2.3 Litres), 1-Piece Mixing Bowl (3.2 Litres), 2-Pieces Container (500 ml), 3-Pieces Kitchen Tools, 1-Piece Tea Strainer, 4-Pieces Measuring Cups and 4-Pieces Recipe Measuring Spoon