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ADATA HD700 1TB External Hard Drive (Black)

About Product :-
  • Be mightier with IP56 water and dust proofing - we've carefully tested and certified the HD700 using IEC IP56 waterproofing and dustproofing standards
  • The HD700 prevents all but the finest dust particles from entering its enclosure and is proofed against high water pressure
  • Deserts, mountains, rivers or seas, the HD700 greatly enhances the safety of your precious data
  • Triple-layered for military-spec shock resistance - the HD700's enclosure is further wrapped in a tough silicone coat, all told - there are three layers of physical protection - the inner cushioned mounting, the shock-resistant plastic enclosure and the removable silicone/rubber layer
  • The internal structure is made of just the drive and the mounts to reduce the number of shock-prone parts
  • The HD700 can easily withstand accidental drops or impacts from your activities, as it meets MIL-STD-810G 516.6 requirements
  • Big files? Be fearless and store away - the time has come to capture your experiences in always-greater fidelity, with higher resolution and detail density
  • That means bigger files and the need for larger storage
  • The HD700 is available in up to 2TB, the perfect size for portable storage of the adventurous type
  • G Shock Sensor Protection helps protect your data - if your HD700 suffers a severe shock from being struck, G Shock Sensor Protection automatically starts up and displays a flashing red light and when the shock has passed, a solid or flashing blue light displays indicating normal operation has resumed