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Activated Charcoal Health Shots with Aloe Vera for Detox and Digestion, 600ml (15 Shots x 40ml)

About Product :-
  • Convenient Way To Detox & Healthy Gut: Cleanses The Body By Binding To Toxins And Eliminating Them From The Gut. Keeps Digestive Processes Smooth, Relieves Flatulence, Improves Bowel Movements And Provides Nutrition To The Entire Digestive Tract.
  • Advantages Of Activated Charcoal And Aloe Vera: Activated Charcoal Cleanses The Body By Binding To Toxins While Aloe Vera Has Vitamins B, C, And E That Fight Inflammation. Aloe Vera Also Assists Activated Charcoal In Detoxifying The Liver For Improved Function.
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Are The Shots Safe? Non-Gmo, Non-Carcinogenic, Containing No-Refined Sugar Or Harmful