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AC Moisturizing Cream - Dry to Normal Skin - 100gm

About Product :-
  • Light Texture. Non Sticky. Quick Absorption.
  • Longer Moisturization. Helps Repair AC Damage. Anti Oxidant.
  • Fragrance : This fragrance is Floral but not really, It's also Musky ....But not really.
  • How to use : Take desired quantity on palm and apply liberally on face and neck.
  • Ingredients : South African Resurrection Plant Myramaze checks your skin hydrating mechanism and saves you from the life sucking AC. Liposhield protects you from the potential damage your electronic gadgets are causing. Shea Butter, Canola Oil, Rapeseed oil and Vitamin E nourishes the very dry skin. They are rich in vitamins necessary for skin and has antioxidant properties.