E-Commerce Purchases

Consumer Motivational Factors for E-Commerce Purchases

The decision to buy products and services through e-commerce sites isn’t an ordinary one. Usually, online purchasers are concerned about a few significant aspects. There are a few motivational factors involved in accomplishment of the purchases through online sources.

Customer Reviews

Online buyers are primarily interested in attainment of products and services after knowing feedbacks, reviews and remarks of other customers regarding a specific product or service. According to a recent research, more than fifty percent of online buyers prefer knowing thoughts, perceptions and recommendations of other customers. This motivates them to devise their e-commerce purchases.

Online Shopping Costs

Price of the product is another vital aspect that’s associated with an individual’s decision regarding online purchase. People are largely interested in such products that are within their budgeting limitations. Thus, the importance of reasonable shopping costs can’t be forgotten and that’s another significant motivational factors.

Discounts on E-Commerce Sites

Online buyers give considerable importance to shopping costs and if they’re able to find discounts then this also motivates them to buy products from e-commerce sites. Exclusive discounts, special deals and hot offers are vital in those prospects. Individuals are not usually willing to spend money on those products and services where they wouldn’t be able to acquire discounted prices and special deals. Therefore, online purchasers are interested in motivational factors such as discounts, deals of the day, promo codes and discount couponsDiscounts on various products and services also motivate consumers to come back to their online shopping carts and devise purchases. Buyers from the age group of 18-30 are extremely interested in special discounts.

Shipping Costs

While considering significant consumer motivational factors for E-commerce purchases, the importance of shipping costs can’t be neglected. People are primarily interested in discounted rates but they’re also willing to ensure that they wouldn’t be paying additional costs such as shipping costs. Thus, online buyers are usually considering such e-commerce sites where they can acquire free shipping or extremely cheaper shipping prices.

Reliable E-Commerce Sites

Individuals primarily prefer buying products and services from such e-commerce sites that can be considered as reliable. They’re willing to ensure that they wouldn’t be falling into the traps of scam sites. Safe and secure payment options are another major aspect that motivates consumers to complete their purchases. Any sorts of hesitations or confusions in the minds of the consumers regarding payments and security can lead to disengagement of consumer’s motivation to buy a particular product or service.

Consumer Demotivation Factors – Causes of Abandonment

In order to determine consumer motivational factors for e-commerce purchases, it’s vital to determine the causes of abandonment of the online purchases. There are few important reasons that can’t be neglected in those prospects. According to a recent survey, if online purchasers want to return products due to some issues, they often face problems that cannot be tackled easily. Sometime they have to deal with negligence from site representative or often they are clearly asked to forget about retuning of unwanted products. For example, if one buys a dress online and after receiving it, he/she wears and realizes that dress has some sizing issues. Obviously, the dress would be returned to the online shop. As it has been noted that some online buying stores offer 7 days return policy and after that, they never compromise. If you’re late than estimated time, you’ve lost your money as well as your dress. This is one significant reason of abandoning the purchase. E-commerce consumers believe that this is a demotivation for them and can certainly stop them to buy that particular product, even if they’re offered some sort of discount.

Unexpectedly higher cost of shipping is another demotivation for the consumers and they might be thinking to avoid buying that particular product. Similarly, issues that are related to the payments and security aspects are also vital in the minds of e-commerce purchasers.

Electronic appliances come with warranties and of you want to return or replace your item, it becomes a real problem for you when buying from an online shop. Certainly, you aren’t willing to buy products and services from unreliable sources. Thus, the aspect of reliability can’t be underestimated when it comes to factors involved in E-commerce purchases of warranted products. Either replacement will take much time than expected or may be finally you will need to forget about your item. Moreover, confusing checkout can also be one of the main reasons that can lead to abandonment of a purchase from an online e-commerce website.

Consumer Motivational Factors for E-Commerce Purchases
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