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Postpaid Bill Payments & DTH Recharge Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 250 || Rs. 250 Cashback on Rs. 1000 From Shmart

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Minimum Rs.250 & Get Rs.50 Cashback
Recharge Above  Rs.1000 & Get Rs.250 Cashback
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Terms & Conditions :-
  • The below mentioned Terms and Conditions are applicable for the “#PremiumMasti” campaign which would  be referred to as ‘Offer’ or ‘Campaign’ hereinafter in this document.
  • By participating in this Offer, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the Offer. Any participation in  this Offer is purely voluntary.
  • This offer is divided into two parts, basis recharge amount
  • The cashback amount of Rs.50 (Rupees Fifty) shall be provided for every successful Postpaid/DTH recharge  transaction between Rs.250 (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty) and Rs.999 (Rupees Nine Hundred Ninety Nine).  Any successful transaction below Rs.250 (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty) will not be eligible for the cashback
  • The cashback amount of Rs.250 (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty) shall be provided for every successful  Postpaid/DTH recharge transaction of Rs.1000 (Rupees One Thousand) and above. Any successful  transaction below Rs.1000 (Rupees One Thousand) and above Rs.250 (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty) would fall  under point no 4 of the T&C
  • The cashback shall not be made instantaneously and would be credited only within 72 (seventy two) working  hours of the completion of the successful transaction.
  • This Offer shall be valid from September 21, 2015 13:00:00 hrs to September 27, 2015 23:59:59 hrs.  TranServ Private Limited (“TranServ”) reserves the right to change the offer-period and terms of offer  without any prior notice.
  • The Offer will be applicable for a Customer holding a valid and active Shmart! Wallet account. It is non-  negotiable and non-transferrable and is valid for Indian residents and citizens only.
  • Cashback amount will be applicable only on successful transactions conducted by debit to the Shmart!  Wallet account only.
  • In the event of Shmart! Wallet account not having sufficient balance, wallet holders would have to first add  money using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking.  Recharge transactions done directly through Payment Gateways (Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net Banking) and  Hybrid (Wallet + Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net Banking) will not qualify for this Offer, even if the amount is  equal to or greater than specified minimum recharge amount mentioned in points 4 & 5
  • Only approved and validated spend/transaction/payment/purchase made using Shmart! Wallet shall be  eligible for the Offer. Failed/Cancelled/Returned transactions shall not be eligible for the Offer.
  • The Offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Only the transactions conducted in India and in Indian Rupees will be eligible for the Offer.
  • A Shmart! Wallet user can do a maximum of 5 recharge/bill pay transactions per day on the app
  • In the event the Customer has reached a wallet loading limit of INR 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand) in any  particular calendar month, then the Cashback amount will be added in the subsequent calendar month.
  • TranServ shall not be responsible for, or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damage, costs,  charges and expenses that a wallet holder may suffer, sustain or incur due to this Offer.
  • This Offer is extended by TranServ and Customers may contact Shmart! Customer Care for any queries/issue
  • In case the cashback has been processed for a recharge/bill pay transaction with a pending status, and has  later turned into a failed state, the refund amount will be credited to the Shmart! Wallet after deducting the  cashback amount.
  • The cashback amount will be directly credited to the Customer’s Shmart! Wallet.
  • A Shmart! Wallet account is linked to a combination of unique customer details and a unique mobile  handset. Any attempt to use multiple handsets for login to a single Shmart! Wallet account or using multiple  mobile numbers to login via same handset will be treated as a violation of the T&C and Transerv will have  full right, including but not limited to blocking such a Shmart! Wallet account and/or deny cashbacks or any  promotional activities or any such corrective measures.
  • In the event of any individual/customer trying to use unauthorized data or fraudulent means or lost/stolen  card data or indulging in identity theft or any other unscrupulous means for logging in to Shmart! Wallet,  loading funds/utilising funds, Transerv will have full rights to block that particular Shmart! Wallet account.
  • TranServ is not responsible for any dispute arising between an operator and the Customer. TranServ shall  not in any way responsible for any deficiency in services provided by the operator.  In addition to the above, the regular terms and conditions of the Shmart! Wallet shall also be applicable  unless otherwise stated above.
  • Any disputes arising out of this Offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in the  city of Mumbai (India) irrespective of whether Courts in other areas have concurrent jurisdiction.

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