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Food is the something you can crave for, and it’s worth doing that. This is like a reason of happiness for many one. Those are not stupid who said there no Love sincerer than the love of food. Just like you, I’m the biggest foodie. Foodie means that you don’t need any creepy personalities anymore to entertain you and it’s a good idea, We all are sharing a relationship with food and our this relationship make us listen and more explore the latest food Restras, Latest Food Deals, The online food factories and many more food stalls we can just eat. All foodies have a special trick to recognize the texture as well as the taste of food, they can do it only by smell it, and when it come on our Friends we don’t take a second deciding the restra because so much options already we have tested. These ten Things can instantly relate with every Foodie, Here we go:-

1. You Don’t Need Food to Live (Don’t Take me wrong) you Live for Food:    

delicious Food
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2. You are not Obsessed with Creepy Friendship and Partner sickness, Food is Your Best Friend: 

Image- Source

3. You can kill People who Say No to fast food and will not have any regret of:

Food Lovers
Image- Source

4. You have knowledge of Every Food Store is there in your City, More than your Books and That makes you        social Food Promotional Point:

Suspicious Potato
Image- Source

5. Weight is Just a Number for you, you walk away from everyone who Diets and give them a look like Criminal:

Love to eat
Image- Source

6. You can wait for hours to get your favorite kind of Pizza, Even if you don’t mind eating all:

                                   Love to drink coffee
Image- Source

7. You wonder how people can show they don’t like this or that on Table you don’t refuse a single bit and also      crave for getting the other’s left piece too:

More Food
Image- Source

8. You have a satisfaction of sharing foods image on sharing social media like you are giving it away to beggars:

Love to eat
Image- Source

9. Seeing food or searching Food Coupons on the app only Like Zomato or Grofer’s and exploring online gives     you Ultimate Pleasure more than anything:

Eating Offers and Deals
Image- Source

10. You always expect or I would say force you’re Mum to cook Master Chef Dishes you make her offer the recipe       as well and you can do anything for her that time:

best Food Deals
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